Gone but Not Forgotten: The Crusta

While these days we lump pretty much all mixed drinks save juleps and eggnog under the all-encompassing moniker of “cocktails” or—my gorge rises at it—”martini,” it was not always so. A cocktail was… Continue reading

Hip to the Jive! Balance and the Modern Cocktail

Balance in a cocktail is far more important than the number of ingredients. Many of the classic cocktails, the ones that have stood the test of time have only three ingredients—the Side Car,… Continue reading

Morning Brace-up: The Corpse Reviver

I suppose with a moniker like “Corpse Reviver,” this cocktail was bound for revival. What many might not realize is that there is a whole school of Corpse Reviver cocktails. You can find… Continue reading

The Beauty Spot Cocktail

The Beauty Spot is one of those cocktails so named that it begs to be tried. But which one? There are two distinct cocktails out there with the same name. They both contain… Continue reading

What came first, the chicken or the Clover Club Cocktail?

Egg in cocktails is something at which many people balk. Raw eggs are slimy, dangerous, and the drink will taste like an omelette. Well…no. I’ll grant you they’re slimy to begin with, but… Continue reading

Captain’s Blood: a daiquiri fit for a pirate

If you had been wrongfully convicted of treason, sold into slavery, then managed to escape, you’d turn pirate, too. I know the drink is called Captain’s Blood, but I could not help but… Continue reading

The Parisian Cocktail

I am one of those strange Americans who actually like the French, and Paris is my favorite city. I will never, however, be a Parisian. Aside from the fact that I do not… Continue reading

The Eagle’s Dream Cocktail

The Eagle’s Dream can be found in Harry Craddock’s The Savoy Cocktail Book from 1930. The cocktail utilizes violet liqueur and egg white. The resultant drink is a pale blue sky with a white, foamy… Continue reading

The Boulevardier

Paris in the 1920s—Hemingway hanging out at Les Deux Magots, now determined to be a writer, the first signs of cantankerousness lining his youthful face; impeccably dressed Scott Fitzgerald, tossing back drinks with… Continue reading

The Mary Pickford Cocktail

America’s Sweetheart was, apparently, fond of the occasional tipple. Her husband, Douglas Fairbanks, was not. I guess you need to be sober to somersault off buildings and fight pirates.  Of course, Fairbanks did… Continue reading

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