Floradora Cocktail

A gin cooler named for a musical comedy which opened in London in 1899 and ran for more than 450 performances. It then came across the pond and played on Broadway for another… Continue reading

The Canary Murder Case Cocktail

  The Canary Murder Case, for all intents and purposes, ended Louise Brooks’ Hollywood career. It came out at that awkward time in cinema history when the studios were trying to figure out how… Continue reading

The Sheba Cocktail

Betty Blythe had twenty-eight costumes when she played the Queen of Sheba for Fox in 1921. All of them together, she said, could fit in a shoe box. While she glided across the… Continue reading

Napoleon’s Own Cocktail

Napoleon was not known as much of a drinker outside of Chambertin wines. If he had been, history might have turned out quite differently. Get a few drinks into him and he might… Continue reading

The Sazerac Cocktail: A Tale of New Orleans

There is a quality about New Orleans, a sensation even, that is hard to describe. There on the sultry Gulf coast, in the crescent between Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River, the heat… Continue reading

Mah Jongg Cocktail

Unless it is the 1970s with its mood rings and pet rocks, I can think of few decades in the last century with more fads than the 1920s. The Charleston, flag pole sitting,… Continue reading

Dubonnet: The Other Vermouth

How does one get a bunch of hard-bitten, French Foreign Legionaires to take their medicine? Put it in a bottle of wine, of course! In the nineteenth century, quinine was the prescribed preventative… Continue reading

“The only real cure for a hangover is death.”

Robert Benchley

Leg Before Wicket

“So they’re talking about amending the leg-before-wicket rule again. I don’t know why they bother, for they’ll never get it right until they go back to the old law which said that if… Continue reading

Little Devil

According to 1927’s Barflies and Cocktails, this recipe comes to us from Fritz at Ciro’s Bar in London. Harry Craddock printed it verbatim in his Savoy Cocktail Book a couple of years later. It is… Continue reading

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