Kir and Kir Royale

The Kir and, especially, the Kir Royale are, apparently, a bit passé at the moment. That’s a shame because they are really good drinks. A simple combination of white wine and Créme de… Continue reading

Sir Walter Cocktail a.k.a. Swalter

The New York Bar with the address”Sank Roo Doe Noo” (5 rue Daunou) helpfully painted on the window, is located on Paris’s right bank near  l’Opera and has been in operation since 1911,… Continue reading

Latin Quarter Cocktail and a Literary Landmark

The Latin Quarter, la Quartier Latin, home of the Sorbonne, Place St. Michel, and Shakespeare and Company, a bookstore at the center (literally) of the City of Light. Sylvia Beach, an expat from… Continue reading

The Crazy Years Cocktail

Paris, 1925: Kiki de Montparnasse was dancing on tabletops and flashing her tits at cafe patrons for a few sou per gawk. Gertrude Stein presided over her salon like a Roman emperor, giving literary… Continue reading

The Merry Widow Cocktail

What some might call a fancy martini is actually a bit more than the sum of its parts. This libation first appeared in Hugo Ensslin’s Recipes for Mixed Drinks from 1916. As with so… Continue reading

What’s in a Name? The Trilby Cocktail

“There is nothing in your mind, nothing in your heart, nothing in your soul but Svengali…Svengali…Svengali!” George du Maurier’s Trilby, a story of obsession, exploitation, and mesmerism, hit the shelves in 1894 and was… Continue reading

Egg Nog

What’s the holiday season without a few healthy doses of lecithin, high fructose corn syrup, E471, and polysorbate 80? This year, kick the store-bought cartons of gelatinous goop to the side and get… Continue reading

Alabazam Cocktail

“Medicinal” bitters have been taken as a curative for centuries and they were an integral component of the first cocktails. As a matter of fact, a cocktail wasn’t a cocktail without bitters in… Continue reading

Roman Punch

Party like it’s 27 BCE! If you type “Roman Punch” into your search engine, you are unlikely to encounter the recipe presented here. Most will be a frozen concoction made with Champagne, orange… Continue reading

White Spider Cocktail

“The femme fatale is a spider, blood red lips and black-kohled eyes, nip-waisted, weaving her web of intrigue…Ah, look, another victim. Twitch and fret all you like, the threads just tighten. Deep buried fangs… Continue reading

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