“The Dowager Queen of Racing” The Saratoga Cocktail

By the time Mr. Red Smith made his observation about the Saratoga Springs racecourse in 1954, the Saratoga Cocktail had probably fallen out of favor somewhat. By the 1950s, drinks, especially those made… Continue reading

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”: The Daiquiri

I don’t know if anyone has ever described the humble Daiquiri as sophisticated, but dress it up and buy it a new pair of shoes and it shouldn’t embarrass itself in public.  What… Continue reading

Viva l’Italia! Viva Campari!

According to the Campari people, the Italian aperitif was invented in 1860 and they still use the same recipe today. It is bone dry, very bitter, with a spicy funk. In a word,… Continue reading

Improved Gin Cocktail

In the good ol’ days, a cocktail consisted of nothing more than your liquor of choice (usually brandy or Hollands Gin—whiskey if you were from out of town), a little water, sugar, and… Continue reading

I Hate Gin!

Bushwa! You got stupid drunk on cheap, bottom shelf gin in college and now you hate the stuff. Can’t bear the thought of gin. It smells like aftershave and tastes of antiseptic. Fair… Continue reading

A Balancing Act: The Attention Cocktail

The old cocktail recipe books are a gold mine of information and many a great recipe grace their time-honored pages. The original Attention Cocktail emerges in all its glory, like Venus from her… Continue reading

The Gimlet

What could be more civilized? Sitting in the shade, Gimlet in hand, listening to the hum of the bees, and contemplating the riddle of how something so simple could be so refreshing, when… Continue reading

The Side Car and Its Country Cousins

The Side Car Cocktail, introduced to the public during Prohibition (some say during WW I), is one of my all-time favorite cocktails. Very simple to make and not requiring anything exotic. The drink… Continue reading

The Aviation Cocktail

When I started looking back at the old, pre-prohibition cocktails, the Aviation was one of the first I wanted to try.  Besides the association with vintage aircraft, the cocktail was blue!  Or was… Continue reading

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