Martini your best and only friendI am not a professional bartender; nor am I a professional drinker, though if the job existed I would certainly apply. So, why another cocktail blog? There are hundreds of them out there. Two reasons. First: I love cocktails. I love making them and watching them being made and, of course, I love drinking them. (I will also state up front that I am not a drunk. I have been drunk, but it is not a habit with me so it’s not the same thing) Second: I love the history of cocktail making. The skill and ingenuity of the early “mixologists” (as they called themselves) and the obvious pride they took in their craft is worthy of writing about. We can learn a lot from those who paved the way.

Perhaps a third reason would be that there are still a lot of crap cocktails out there. No one would accuse me of not being opinionated. However with so many wonderful cocktails available, why does anyone want a neon blue Margarita or a Flirtini?

There is a cocktail revolution or, more accurately, a cocktail renaissance going on in this country that is to everyone’s benefit. People are rediscovering the roots of American cocktails. Many of the original bartending manuals are being reprinted or are available online including the first known bartending book to be published, How to Mix Drinks, or the Bon Vivant’s Companion by Jerry Thomas printed in 1862. You will notice that I gravitate to cocktails created during Prohibition or before. I find the act of being able to drink a little history intriguing. You will also find several original cocktails not found anywhere else. 

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the Recipe Index, or cruise the Home Page. For those of you new to mixing your own drinks, be sure to check the BASICS pages for some helpful information to get you started. 

By all means, have a drink!

But please drink responsibly.