B.V.D. Cocktail

BVD 4Erik Ellestad, who drank his way through the entire Savoy Cocktail Book (bless him) suggests that the name of this cocktail might stand for Bacardi, vermouth, and dry gin, which seems perfectly reasonable to me. The perverse in me prefers to think that it was named after the famous makers of underwear. The drink is as enigmatic as its name.

Another equal parts recipe that on paper looks intriguing, but if you think about it hard enough, is difficult to imagine. But who thinks too hard about a cocktail recipe before just grabbing the bottles and trying it. So that is what I did.

1 oz Gin (Plymouth)BVD 2

1 oz Rum (Appleton Estate)

1 oz Dry Vermouth (Dolin Dry)

Stir with ice until cold and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

[First sip] Hm……tastes like a martini. [Second sip] Sort of. [Next couple of sips] Is that the rum I’m tasting? No, that’s the vermouth….I think….Ok, I definitely taste the gin, no doubt about that one. And the vermouth; I can taste the vermouth. So, where’s the rum? I did pour it in there, didn’t I? Yes, I distinctly remember pouring the rum and it slightly tinting the cocktail.

This cocktail is all about the ingredients. A gin that doesn’t overpower the rum. A rum that doesn’t overpower the vermouth. A vermouth that manages to hold the whole thing together. Unfortunately, at the time of writing I had only Appleton Rum and Dolin vermouth in the house. What about Old Tom gin? Well, a slight improvement….I think. Perhaps I am so used to a martini with a decent dose of vermouth in it that my taste too easily recognizes the combination regardless of other distractions. 

It’s not that it is a bad cocktail, far from it. It just doesn’t impress. I want to think that this cocktail has potential given the right combination of ingredients. If anyone out there comes up with a winning trio of brands, please let us know.