The Rum Old-Fashioned

There are as many ways to make an Old-Fashioned cocktail as there are ways to make, say, meatloaf. The original cocktail, served on the rocks, is traditionally made with whiskey, either rye or bourbon, with a simple garnish of an orange peel. Over the years, the Old-Fashioned has been “improved” beyond recognition. Kinda defeats the point of a drink called an Old-Fashioned, doesn’t it? For this rum version, highlighting a good, spiced or aged rum, we are going back to the drink’s origin with one adjustment made for the rum: a lime peel.

This drink is traditionally built in the same glass in which it is served, but it can also be made in a mixing glass. There will just be something else to wash at the end. As this drink is an Old-Fashioned, we are going to do it the old fashioned way.rum old fashioned


2-3 dashes Bitters

2 Large Orange Peels

2 Large Lime Peels

2 oz Aged or Spiced Rum

Place your sugar in the bottom of your old fashioned or small rocks glass. This can either be a brown or white sugar cube, granulated superfine sugar (about a teaspoon), or simple syrup (about 1/8 ounce). If you are using sugar, add just a splash of water and muddle or stir to dissolve the sugar. With simple syrup you do not, of course, need to add water. Add your bitters. Angostura is the traditional bitters for whiskey and will work fine with most rums, but feel free to mix and match depending on what rum is used. Orange or vanilla bitters could work very well with many rums. Next, take one of your orange peels and squeeze it over the glass to express the oils and drop it in. Do the same with one of the lime peels. Give everything another quick stir, pushing down on the peels to express the last of the essential oils. Now, add a few cubes of ice, then the rum. Stir the drink until cold. Express the oils from the remaining peels into the drink, give them a twist and drop them in. 

The last time I made this drink I used Pusser’s Navy Rum with orange bitters, which worked quite well. If you want to make this drink up in a mixing glass, simply follow the directions above and strain into an ice filled glass. It is sometimes easier to use a larger mixing glass as it prevents one from sloshing the drink all over the place while you make it.

So, there you have it. It takes longer to read about it than it does to make it. So what are you waiting for?