The Champagne Cocktail

champagne cocktailWhat cocktail could be simpler or more elegant? And it’s damn tasty, too.

This one hasn’t changed much over the years. While champagne is often used to “top off” various cocktails, usually as a more elegant substitution for soda water and thus creating a “Royal” version of the drink, it is the star of this potation. Since that is the case, pick out something nice.

Execution could not be simpler. You don’t even need any of your fancy bar tools; just a bottle of champagne or your favorite sparkling white, a sugar cube, and a bottle of Angostura bitters. Pour the champagne into a fancy champagne flute. Soak the sugar cube with four or five dashes of Angostura bitters and drop it in. Some like to place the sugar cube in first then pour the champagne, but I prefer to drop it in after the pour to watch it fall to the bottom of the glass in a trail of bubbles. I’m easily amused. Add a lemon twist if you like.


C’est tout. S’amuser.

Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.—F. Scott Fitzgerald