Martinez Cocktail

  Let’s get one thing straight right up front. The Martinez is not, I repeat, not the forerunner of the Martini. While they are similar, the Martinez did not evolve into the Martini.… Continue reading

Couronne Cocktail

The Couronne is one of those unusual, though by no means unheard of, cocktails that employ two base liquors. In this case it is gin and whiskey. Add to that a strong dose… Continue reading

September Morn Cocktail

September Morn was a painting by French artist Paul Emile Chabas and exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1912. It created quite a stir in the U.S. when copies of the work were… Continue reading

The Colleen Bawn Cocktail

It all started when the body washed ashore. A year later, two men were sent to the gallows. In Ireland there is a long-standing legend of the notorious murder in 1819 of Ellen… Continue reading

Deshler Cocktail

Everyone seems to agree that this cocktail was named after the diminutive lightweight boxer, Dave Deshler (5 ft. 3in. tall and weighing 133 lbs). With a lack of contradicting evidence, we’ll carry on… Continue reading

The Diplomat Cocktail

Diplomacy is the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way. What better way to lubricate the wheels of diplomacy then the Diplomat Cocktail. This lower alcohol before-dinner drink is… Continue reading

French Pearl Cocktail

Anyone who follows this site knows that I do not tend to post new cocktail recipes (unless they are my own, of course!), prefering to discuss the classic originals. However, occasionally one comes… Continue reading

Aviator Fizz

The Fizz (or Fiz) has been around a long time, making its first apearance in print in the early 1880s. The drink generally included the patron’s liquor of choice, citrus in the form… Continue reading

Primrose Cocktail

The old French-manufactured Kina Lillet was an interesting element in the cocktail mixing world. Some books such as The Savoy Cocktail Book or Boothby’s World Drinks used it with abandon while others, including… Continue reading

Blue Moon Cocktail

The earliest recipe for the Blue Moon I can find is in Hugo Ensslin’s Recipes for Mixed Drinks from 1917. It started life as a martini cocktail with the addition of Creme Yvette, a… Continue reading

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